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Oct 4, 2012

Obama's Foreign Policy

Fred:  What is our foreign policy?
Official:  Our model could be called "the reformed alcoholic".
Fred:  What?
Official:  We were alcoholic. We now dislike our former friends who used to party with us. We will not continue to be co-dependent by supporting them.
  We now agree with our former enemies, that our behavior was outrageous. We will apologize and make reparations.
Fred:  But, our enemies hate and want to kill us.
Official:  We think they have good reasons for that attitude.

The Disgust Limit
10/03/12 - The DiploMad  [edited excerpt]

Everywhere one looks abroad, one sees the consequences of Team Obama's incompetence, delusions, and anti-Americanism.
  • Qaddafi was cooperating with us against Al Qaeda. Team Obama removed Qaddafi with no real thought to what would replace him. This created a chaotic situation in Libya that has greatly benefitted AQ's rebuilding efforts, and has resulted in the murder of the US Ambassador and three other diplomatic staff.
  • We turned victory in Iraq into defeat. Iran is now the predominant player in Iraq.
  • We have done the same in Afghanistan, allowing the Taliban and AQ to reappear after the decisive defeat administered them.
  • In Egypt, we sold out Mubarak, and got in exchange the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim world openly ridicules and attacks us.
  • Israel increasingly fears for its survival as Obama refuses to stand up to Iran's mad pretensions.
  • Obama has betrayed Poland and actively sought to undermine the UK in its confrontation with the Argentines over the Falklands.
  • In Asia, the misadministration's fecklessness re Russia and China is having serious consequences for the global economy and for key US interests and allies in the region.
  • The insane Communist monarchy in North Korea grows evermore aggressive and dismissive of the United States.
  • We see a deliberate stiffing of our Canadian friends.
  • We have a policy of drift and disengagement that alienates allies such as Chile and Colombia.
  • We allow autocrats such as Chavez, Ortega, Correa, Morales, and Castro a free hand, and encourage clowns such as Cristina Fernandez to drive Argentina's economy into the ground.
  • We have turned the OAS into an anti-American sounding board.
  • Our one effective policy  [sarcasm]  in Latin America was the selling of guns to drug cartels.