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Apr 24, 2009

Why Test? You Are Already in the Hospital

The "Too Sick to be in the Hospital" Test
04/24/09 - Throckmorton's Other Signs by Throckmorton

Bureaucracies are amazing. They divide responsibility and ignore obvious problems to satisfy some grand plan.

It seems that Medicare wants to cut down on unneeded testing. The answer: Don't give the test at all if the patient is in the hospital. That will do it!

[edited] Medicare will not pay for a PET or CT scan unless it is done as an outpatient. If the patient is really sick from their cancer and is in the hospital, they can't have the test, even though it would help determine how best to treat them so that they can get better and leave the hospital!

Diagnosing people is expensive. If they are already very sick, just what is the point? (sarcasm warning)

All people and organizations seek income and avoid costs. Socialized or centralized healthcare is paid up-front and delivers services after the fact. How hard will a system work to earn the money that they have already been paid? This is something that everyone can understand in their gut. A customer is lost without competition for his dollar.

Begging for Medical Care
The bureaucracy sees you as a cost, especially if you have already paid.

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