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Jan 30, 2009

Musical Chairs - Stimulus Style

A new version of the birthday party game Musical Chairs seems more appropriate to our times.

In the old version, there would be 12 chairs for 12 children. The music would start, and one chair would be removed while the children walked around. When the music stopped, they would all try to find an empty chair. One child would be left out. Then they would repeat this, round by round, until there was one winner sitting in the last remaining chair. Competing for the chairs was fun.

In the new version, there are no immediate losers. Instead of removing a chair, it is marked "borrowed" with a red sticker. All of the children get a chair in each round, whether they try hard or not. There are no losers. But, in the last round, all of the "borrowed" chairs are removed, all of them, and everyone loses at the same time.

This is a surprise for the children, but at least they all lose together.

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