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Mar 17, 2009

The Godfather's White House

Welcome to Franicis Ford Coppola's White House
03/17/09 - PajamasMedia by Nicholas Guariglia

Thin-skinned President Corleone and his crew go after their enemies.

The Godfather, part IV
03//09 - PowerLineBlog by Scott Johnson

About the above article.

[edited] The Obama administration has taken on a thuggish mien from Obama's first days in the White House. Nicholas Guariglia captures the essence of what is transpiring by comparing Obama's White House to "The Godfather".

About the press:

The Obama-journalist relationship has been a one-sided love affair: the more they appease him, the more he disdains them. And yet, still, many journalists are all too willing to bow their heads, kiss the don's ring, and play the role of hit man, stuttering and stammering in the presence of their boss like an overly eager Luca Brasi rehearsing what he's going to say.

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