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Apr 16, 2009

We Must Spend or We Are Going to DIE!

From: Ruling Class
To : Public
Re : We must tax and spend now, or we are all going to DIE!

We don't want to tax and spend (cough), but we must react to the crisis that we have identified. We are going to borrow, spend, and tax reluctantly to support our actions. The alternative is DEATH. No one wants that.

So what if you are poor in the future? At least you will be alive, and we will continue to guide you through supportive government to help you out of poverty. We will create and assign the jobs of the 21st century. Your children will pay most of the taxes, and we are training our children to have the public spirit that will allow them to rule wisely.

We have heard no reasonable argument or plan to do anything else. It is irresponsible for some people to say that there is no crisis, or that our spending will not solve the crisis. If you don't have a plan, worked out in detail, ready to implement, with people in office who support you, then you have nothing to offer.

Who are you? If your ideas were important, you would be in office and be one of us, not part of the public. You didn't care enough to be elected, so don't complain now.

We think that you are complaining because you have some money in the bank. You should realize that most Americans don't have savings, so you are unnaturally well-off.

What you have is one vote, and we have more votes than you do. We are going to arrange for everyone to participate in the American Dream, not just those with savings. Learn to appreciate the simple life, and have some respect for the people who are duly elected.

Less carbon, more community!

A Tested Stimulus Plan
The housing crisis is the result of our last stimulus plan. How do we like it?

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