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Sep 13, 2009

Google Analytics for the Last Few Days

I use Google Analytics to track activity on my blog. I am usually interested in the last two days or last few days of activity.

I reduced the work of checking Analytics by setting a Favorites entry to be the URL for my Analytics page. I would change the From-To dates in the Analytics URL string to cover yesterday and today. Then, I could bring up the Analytics page by clicking on the Favorites entry.

This required manually changing the URL each day.

I now have a startup page in IE7 that uses JavaScript to construct these URL's. Some of the techniques are interesting in themselves.

This is what my startup page shows:

Easy Opinions PostsLayout

  Analytics - 1 day2 days3 days7 days

"Google" links to the Google search page.
"Easy Opinions" links to my blog.

"Posts" and "Layout" link to the posting and layout pages of my blog. These are inactive here.

"1 Day" ... "7 Days" link to Google Analytics for my blog, automatically using a URL that selects for so many days of results ending today. These are inactive here.

The template page you can use is Startup Analytics.htm. The code is documented internally. Click on the link, choose to download this file to a directory, and edit it.

The page becomes completely useable when you substitute the identifiers for your blog and Google Analytics accounts.

Post your questions or suggestions as comments, or email me.

W3 Schools - HTML
W3 Schools - JavaScript
I like these references for HTML and JavaScript.

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