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Oct 22, 2009

TV Commercial For Healthcare Reform

Healthcare reform is available now for the very affordable price of an $81 billion reduction in the U.S. debt! 1

Think of all the free healthcare you will get in the future.2 Support us now, and you will get your second and third medical tests FREE.

Your order has been entered, and there is no need to pay us now. We already have your credit card number.3  We always like to hear from you. Compliments only, please.

Delivery guaranteed in 30 days or double your money back.4

You have our unconditional guarantee.5

1 Reform will cost a very affordable $829 billion, for which we will charge you only $710 billion, plus $200 billion shipping and $1,000 billion handling. The numbers may seem confusing. Don't think about them; they are going to change.

2 Subject to the participation and availability of doctors, hospitals, clinics, and midwives. Some copayments and bribes may be required.

3 Members of Congress, current and former federal employees, preferred union members, and Designated Important People (DIPs) are excluded from this offer, because they get all of these benefits and additional benefits FREE.

4 Shipped in 30 days, or up to 3 years, whichever happens.

5 All promises, representations, estimates, and deadlines are subject to increase, decrease, alteration, and/or revocation for any reason, contradictory reasons, or no reason whatsoever. Send any complaints to the U.S. Congress. We'll get back to you.


The Hypocrites Are Trying To Pass a Doozy
10/15/09 - PJTV Video 3 min
Dr. Peter Weiss talks about the bad impact of the Baucus senate healthcare bill.

More Healthcare Spending - More Taxes
10/10/09 - EasyOpinions

Quip: Reduced deficit. Yay!   By increasing taxes. Boo!   And $829 billion more spending. Bummer!

The Senate healthcare bill promises to reduce the deficit by $81 billion while spending $829 billion more. How? By raising taxes and fees by $910 billion.

Obamacare Bails Out Medicare
09/2009 - EasyOpinions
"Healthcare Reform" is a huge tax hike plus rationed medical services.

ObamaCare and the Doctor
08/08/09 - EasyOpinions

Dr. Zane F. Pollard tells about the frightening current reality of Medicaid, and by extension the future ObamaCare.

Medicaid pays for medical services to the poor, and in this case to poor children who face vision impairment or blindness. Regardless, Medicaid denies and delays their care.

Consider that Medicare/caid are intentionally underpaying for the medical care that they mandate.

The government is proud of how they are negotiating lower prices for Medicare/caid, but these are still going bankrupt due to exploding costs.

Hospitals are caught in the middle. They survive by raising prices on the insured sick, who can pay. Then, the government blames the insurance companies for raising premiums to cover the increasing prices for insured hospital care. Doctors are forced to refuse treating Medicare patients because they actually lose money on each patient while becoming subject to bureaucratic control for receiving Medicare payments.

Boston Medical Center Sues Massachussetts Medicaid
07/16/09 - The Boston Channel

Boston Medical Center says the state is underfunding the hospital by $181 million annually by failing to cover the cost of care for Medicaid, Commonwealth Care, and uninsured patients.

Boston Medical Center CEO Elaine Ullian: "This institution was and remains an enthusiastic supporter of the state's health care reform law. But it should not and cannot be financed on the backs of the poor. We hope our suit serves as a cautionary tale to federal policymakers as they take up national health care reform."

Health-Care Reform: A Better Plan
08/7/09 - Washington Post by Charles Krauthammer

Krauthammer proposes a practical approach to reforming healthcare regulation.

[edited] Our healthcare system is extremely high-quality, but inefficient, and therefore expensive. Today's ruling Democrats propose to fix it with 1,000 pages of complexity.

They promise that this massive concoction will lower costs. Their solution is mandates on employers, individuals, and insurance companies; allocation formulas; political payoffs; and myriad regulations and interventions. It creates a Rube GoldbergFrom the link: Rube Goldberg (1883-1970) was a Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist, sculptor, and author. He is famous for his cartoon contraptions using an elaborate set of arms, wheels, gears, handles, cups, and rods, put in motion by balls, pails, boots, bathtubs, paddles, and animals. These contraptions do a simple task through an extraordinarily complicated sequence of interactions. system that multiplies current inefficiencies and arbitrary rules. This will produce staggering deficits, less choice, and lower-quality care. That's why the administration can't sell Obamacare.

My plan. Strip away current inefficiencies before remaking one-sixth of the U.S. economy. There are just two parts: radical tort reform, and severing the link between health insurance and employment.

I disagree that U.S. healthcare is inefficient. High costs are the result of:

  • Too much testing due to the legal liability lottery.
  • Cost-shifting onto the insured to pay for those who won't or can't pay. The government won't fully pay for its health mandates, forcing up costs and insurance rates for everyone.

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