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Mar 11, 2010

Only 40% of Healthcare Costs

Mike:  I have a $4 coupon here for a hamburger.
Server:  (loudly to kitchen) Burger, well done, no salt, no cheese, no fries, half a bun. (to Mike) We'll have it for you in an hour.

Mike:  Wait, I don't want it like that!
Server:  It's free. Stop complaining.

Mike:  (looks at next table) Their meals look good.
Server:  Politicians and union guys. Where do you work?

Mike:  Acme Manufacturing, why?
Server:  We'll bill them for the other $6. Hah, they'll be happy.

Mike:  Say, what sort of restaurant is this?
Server:  Obama's Health Restaurant.

- -
Obamacare Cost Estimate Watch
03/11/10 - Cato@Liberty

[edited] The CBO (Congressional Budget Office) released today another cost estimate for ObamaCare. It still omits the cost of new private-sector mandates, nine months after the first version was released. President Obama has implicitly acknowledged this omission.

From history, the CBO estimated that mandates in President Clinton's health plan accounted for 60% of the costs. The Obama plan is remarkably similar, which is probably why Democrats have suppressed such estimates this time around.

So, when the CBO says the plan will cost $1 trillion ($1 million million), the true cost is likely $1 trillion collected in tax and spent by the government, PLUS $1.5 trillion in health care spending required of businesses and individuals, totalling $2.5 trillion.

The government is likely reporting just 40% of the true cost.

Obamacare Would Increase Deficits by $59 Billion
(Via Legal Insurrection)
03/20/10 - Fox News

[edited] After correcting for the Doctor Fix gimmick the CBO estimates imply that the Obama plan increases Federal deficits by $59 billion over the next 10 years.

Democrats hid another $1.5 trillion by preventing the CBO from scoring hidden taxes. "Individual mandates” force workers to pay money to insurers, which is a hidden tax. History says those taxes would cost roughly $1.5 trillion, omitted from the CBO analysis.

The actual cost of the bill is nearly $3 trillion. Worse, existing and new constituencies will demand even more government spending, and proposed cuts in spending will be stopped by highly organized and vocal opposition.

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