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Feb 24, 2012

Tennessee Mosque

Reporter:  There is another side to the "Hate the Mosque" story.
Editor:  Islamaphobic bigot.

02/22/12 - Advice Goddess Blog by Amy Alkon

[edited]  Amy Alkon:  Eric Allen Bell at The Daily Kos started a film about a mosque being built in Tennessee. The Kos party line is that it is Islamophobia to criticize Islam. He toed that line, then some research changed his tune. He was unwelcome back in Kos-land.

[edited]  Eric Allen Bell:  I wanted to show what happens to countries when they gain a Muslim majority, how women are treated, that homosexuals were executed, that free speech did not exist, that the forced Islamic Law was not consistent with Democratic values. I reported anything and everything I could think of that ought to strike a chord with the Liberal mindset.

The response I received was, "Eric you are starting to sound like an Islamophobe. We don't want to make a movie that promotes fear. Let's just stick with the existing plan, okay?"

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