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May 24, 2012

Bankruptcy of the West

Official:  The government offers a great life. I get a good salary and very nice retirement benefits, including lifetime healthcare.
10 Year Old:  Dude, whatever.

The West is bankrupt. The solution is to declare bankruptcy. People were stupid to loan resources to their governments, and they will receive the usual reward for their stupidity.

The meaning of government debt is that governments have taken real, current resources and have applied those resources to whatever is now built. Almost all has been wasted, building the wrong things in the wrong places, or building nothing. Politicians have nice houses by lakes and on beautiful hilltops. That is all.

Let the people who bought government bonds take the loss. Sorry, they should have looked into the plans and the planners before entrusting their wealth to those guys. Investing with crooks will always result in losing your wealth, especially when those loans are promoted as "riskless". Their only expectation of repayment was by the use of government force to extract higher taxes from the populace. That expectation was ruthless and immoral.

Don't come to me, or my children, or anyone's children and say that the politicians were acting on their behalf, so they must be bond slaves and return the stolen wealth to the oh-so-trusting baby boomers who lent that wealth to the government.

If you say "rule of law" to me, I will reply "rule by liars and thieves", trading wealth for votes to remain in power. The rule of law will recover only when rule by thieves is outlawed in the common mind. Unfortunately, collapse is the only way that the organized theft will stop.

The dictator Idi Amin stole billions from loans to Uganda made by international agencies. Most of this debt was written off as worthless, because no one in good conscience could enslave the people of Uganda to pay off debts extended to a psychopathic criminal who ruled their country.

US politicians do not always show the psycopathology of Idi Amin, but they have been quite effective in stealing the wealth of our society. The willing participants were the bond buyers.

Most of the public collected some of that borrowing and stealing. That wealth cannot be recovered. Possibly there are some nice houses on lakes and hills which can be recovered, houses paid for by malfeasance in office.

- -
Obamacare Bails Out Medicare

The government is ending the free market in healthcare. Our policy makers have already designed a system of price controls that doesn't work. Their next plan is to cover up this failure by blaming "the market". The market is short for the freedom of people to produce and cooperate among themselves, always delivering value and achieving efficiencies that government cannot match.

That freedom is what the government has taken and is taking away, in favor of higher hidden taxes and rationing. Our leaders have been buying votes with lavish promises of what the government will deliver. Their plan is to put us all in one boat, then make us pay for their promises to prevent the boat from sinking.

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Downgrading the West
03/09/12 - OpenMarket by Matt Patterson

[edited]:  The government has been spending our wealth for decades. First everything we made, then everything we are ever going to make, and now everything our children and their children will ever make.

- -
The Real Federal Deficit
05/18/12 - USA Today   (via Dinocrat)

[edited]:  The typical American household would have paid 85% of its income in taxes last year to balance the budget, if the government used standard accounting rules.

Standard accounting gives a deficit last year of $42,054 per household, nearly four times the official number. Median income is $49,445.

The official deficit was $1.3 trillion ($1,300 billion). Liabilities (future promises) for Social Security, Medicare, and other retirement programs increased by $3.7 trillion, for a total of $5 trillion.

Standard accounting used by companies, states, and local governments must include retirement commitments. Congress ignores them when reporting the deficit.

The total wealth (Gross Domestic Product) created in the US in 2011 was about $13 trillion ($13,000 billion).   ( A trillion dollars on display. )

In proportion by wealth, if a family earned $50,000, that would be like borrowing and spending $5,000, and also promising to pay an additional $14,250 to the parents when they retire. All in one year.

Do you think that the parent's retirement is secure? Will the children pay?

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