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Mar 14, 2009

Bailouts by John Stossel

20/20 and Reason: “Bailouts & Bull”
03/14/09 - QAndO.net by Jason Pye

John Stossel of ABC's "20/20" program asks questions about the bailouts. At the end, he asks Democratic House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer if the stimulus will work. "I hope so" replies Hoyer. Video 1:00 to 7:46.

[edited] There are six videos. In the first one, Stossel talks to 18 economists about why the “stimulus” was a bad idea. He asks House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer if debt got us into this recession, then why is creating more debt going to get us out? One economist says that one dollar taken out of the economy is one less dollar to be spent in the private sector.

Why Spending Stimulus Plans Fail
They take a dollar to give a dollar.

A Short Argument Against Stimulus
Economist Henry Hazlitt reminds us that you can't help an economy by spending when you have to hurt the economy with taxes or inflation.

Let's Counterfeit Our Way to Wealth
If the Obama team is right about economics, then counterfeiting should be a way for us all to become rich.

A Tested Stimulus Plan
The housing bubble was a giant stimulus. We are now living in the post-stimulus economy. How do we like it?

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