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Mar 6, 2009

Obama Team: No Nuclear Energy

Obama Administration: No on Nuclear Energy
03/06/09 - RedState by Francis Cianfrocca

Modern nuclear power can be stopped in many ways.

[edited] Energy Secretary Steven Chu told the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee that using the Yucca Mountain underground repository for storing nuclear waste is no longer an option. The proposed budget provides only token funding for the site.

Chu: We have better options than Yucca Moutain for storing commercial nuclear waste.

Providing nuclear waste storage has been a key barrier to expanding nuclear power in America. There are no clear alternatives to the Yucca site. America’s nuclear plants now store their waste on-site, above ground.

Chu and President Obama are saying in veiled language that they will not allow nuclear power to stage a comeback. If these guys get everything they want, America faces a future of much higher energy costs.

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