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Mar 1, 2008

TPM: Secret Political Manual Discovered

"I'll Keep Reporting Until They Find Me"

I was hired to remove old papers from a presidential library. Sometimes, against instructions, I read some of the stuff while having lunch. They didn't think that I would be a threat. They didn't expect that a blue collar worker would want to read anything.

It was always fragments like "neutralize that", "rumors about her", and complicated statistics about "blue dog nursing home soccer mom democrats". Good for killing time, but not much to remember.

Then I found a copy of "The Political Manual". I knew it was important because it was marked "Political Advisors and Clients Only" and published by "Black Ops Political Advisors". What really convinced me, that it was important, was that every page was plastic-coated, so that you could always have it with you without damaging it. That must have been why it survived in one piece. Also, I could understand it, which means it was intended for real, important politicians. I put it in my pocket.

When I was driving the truck away, there was commotion back at the library. Shouts between the "suits" like "How could you have lost it, you idiot?", and "You better find it pronto". They waved at me to stop, and took a few shots at me! I was scared, but maybe I already knew too much, so I kept driving.

Now I'm underground, living in cheap motels and hauling trash where I can find some work. I think my way out is to publish the book as best I can, and hope I get it all out before I'm "neutralized" myself. Maybe then they will give up.

So, I'll send out a page or chapter whenever I can find a scanner and a WiFi connection. Wish me luck.

Published Sections
Introduction to the Manual
Taking Political Positions
Talk At Your Own Risk
Adequate Compensation

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