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Sep 8, 2008

Gov. Palin: Top Ten Negative Stories


1.   Diplomat asked Palin to fetch coffee. “She didn’t act like a Governor” he said.

2.   Call to Wassila library interrupted operations. "Palin talked for half an hour", says librarian.

3.   Palin's children may not be citizens due to technicalities of Alaska Purchase.

4.   Palin campaign operative asked for gun rack over VP Seal.

5.   Sarah Palin did not inspire character Sarah Conner in the movie "The Terminator". "She inspired the Terminator character", reports screenwriter.

6.   Secret sources report "Al-Qaeda will never surrender to a woman, may it please Allah".

7.   Palin was not vetted about future pregnancy. Federal law prevented asking.

8.   Palin denies rumors of "virgin birth", despite religious leanings.

9.   "Killing moose is overflow hostility", says psychiatrist.

10.   When Bridge to Nowhere cancelled, 35 homeless denied shelter underneath.

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