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Sep 1, 2008

Search Links

This page collects links to EasyOpinions posts and to posts by others, current through 01/10/2010.

Recent browsers include Internet Explorer 7 and FireFox 3.5.6. Those browsers show summary information when the cursor hovers over the links below. If your browser doesn't do this, you can see these links with expanded summaries at Post List Details.

Type a list of terms (words and quoted phrases) to search for, separated by one or more spaces. Press the Enter/Return key or click the Search button. Highlighted links contain all of the terms; the link title plus its summary contain every word in the search. See Search Details for more options. There is a quick link back.

Legend •    My post.
+   Update to my post.
»   Link to an outside post.
(v)   Via this link.
(M)   More at this link.

To navigate the larger pop-up texts: Hover on the link, press+hold the left mouse button, move the cursor into the box, and release the mouse button.
  Scroll-wheel mouse: Scroll the cursor into the popup box.
  You may now scroll the page with the scroll-wheel or arrow keys. The box will display while the cursor remains within it.

Search Details

The above word search requires JavaScript support in your web browser.

Enter one or more words or quoted phrases in the text box, and click Search. Matching links will highlight in green. Pressing the Enter key also works in IE7, Firefox, and some other browsers.

Brackets [ ] below appear for description and are not part of the search text.

For example, the following entry would match links containing all of the words
[ rural ], [ house ], and [ sun room ].

[ rural   house   "sun room" ]

Matching All Words

A link matches if every search word and phrase appears in its title and summary taken together.

Words:   cats   Health   Jim's

Words separated by spaces. Words may contain internal or ending quote characters.

Phrases:   "Health Care"   "fire house"   ' "true" '   "Frank's Place"

A phrase is all of the characters and spaces between quotes. The quotes can be double " " or single ' '.   The quoted characters and spaces form a single search term, including the other type of quote, and any internal quotes of either type.

The search ignores upper and lower case in both the search word and in the link. For example [ Frank ] or [ frank ] both match [ Frank ] and [ FRANK ]. The search terms match all or parts of words, for example [ cat ] matches [ muscat ], [ cats ], and [ category ]

A search for [ big house ] highlights links that contain both of the words [ big ] and [ house ].

A search for the quoted phrase [ "big house" ] highlights links that contain the phrase [ big house ]. The individual words [ big ] or [ house ] do not match individually

You may change the search terms and click Search again. This clears the prior selection and highlights the new matching links. If a search selects nothing, then no link has text containg all the words you specified. Try fewer or different search words. A search for nothing also clears the selection.

Matching One or More Words

The unquoted keywords [ or ] and [ OR ] can be used to search for either of two words. For example:

[ cat or mouse ] highlights links that match either [ cat ] or [ mouse ] or both.

You may use many OR connections. The following text matches links containing any one or more of the animal names:

[ puma  or  tiger  or  lion  or  leopard ]

One or more words can be specified in each group connected by OR. The following text matches links containing both [ house ] and [ cat ], or both [ pet ] and [ rabbit ], or just [ turtle ].

[ house cat  or  pet rabbit  or  turtle ]

A more specific search could use quoted phrases. Note that [ house ], [ cat ], [ pet ], and [ rabbit ] would not match individually, but only as part of the phrase in which they appear.

[ "house cat"  or  "pet rabbit"  or  turtle ]

Popup Descriptions

The popup description box (the box) might not appear entirely within your browser window when you put the "hand" cursor over a link. Suggestions:

1.  Use the mouse-wheel or the keyboard arrow keys to move the window display, to bring the box entirely into view. Don't move the mouse when doing this.

2.  Press and hold down the left mouse button while the cursor is on the link. Move the cursor into the box. You may release the left mouse button. The box will remain displayed while the cursor is within it, or while you move the window as in (1) above.

3.  Scroll the link to a higher screen position and hover again.

Errors and Deficiencies

A beginning quote without a following matching quote displays an error message, and the search is cancelled. For example, a search for [ "fire truck"  "fire house' ] displays:

[ Unmatched quote at character 14: "fire house' ]

Many links from an earlier epoch have no summary description.

Email Commerce-Try-@-comcast.net (without the dashes) if you encounter problems or have suggestions. Include your browser name and version.

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