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Dec 10, 2009

Congressional Sports Team

Worthwhile Analogy
12/10/09 - ChicagoBoys

Quip:  It is painful to think of Barney Frank coaching pro-basketball, or running U.S. business.

David Foster:

[edited] Imagine that Congressmen Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Dennis Kucinich, and Robert Byrd managed a professional sports team. Would anyone invest money in that team?

The average Congressman probably knows far more about sports than he knows about business. He watches sports on TV and he may have played in his younger days. Whereas, his knowledge of business is comparable to not understanding the difference between balls and strikes.

Yet, this Congress and an approving Administration is acquiring the power to micromanage every business in the country in excruciating detail.

Entrepreneurs Go on Strike
11/20/09 - American Thinker by C. Edmund Wright

[edited] The big opportunity now is to spend government money: on an $18 million government contract to create an awful Recovery.org website, SEIU union jobs in ObamaCare, bankruptcy lawyers, and the coming carbon credits. There are ACORN-style crony contracts to be had, and all the jobs created by David Axelrod astroturf media escapades.

If you are connected, or if your dream is to enrich yourself by killing the dreams of others, then the field is ripe for you.

Entrepreneurs can sense it. This is not now the country for you if you simply want to build a better mousetrap. This is not just about tax policy, health care, or cap-and-trade (which are all terrible and need to be stopped).

The American dream is dying. This kind of economy cannot work, not until pigs fly, or until Barney Frank dunks on Lebron James.

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