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Dec 21, 2009

Exchanging Gifts Cooperatively

The short story The Gift of the Magi by O. Henry (William Sydney Porter) is an ironic, painful, and sweet story of a poor couple who want to give a fine Christmas gift to each other, out of true love. Their gift giving is impractical because it is selfless.

Here is my contribution to the genre, far out at the other end of the subject. (smile)

John:  Let's shop together for something that you would really enjoy. What would you like for Christmas?
Mary:  I would like a nice, snuggly, terry-cloth robe.
So, sweetie, what would you like for Christmas?

John:  [thinks a moment] I would like a nice, snuggly, terry-cloth robe, in your size.
Mary:  [thinks, gasps] Wait a minute. That is like me buying the robe for myself!

John:  What's the problem? I will be giving you what you really want, and you will be giving me what I really want. Sweetie?

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