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May 26, 2011

Obama and the Guest Book Date

Doctor:  (patient seems disoriented)  What is today's date?
Mike:  May 24th.
Doctor:  What year is it?
Mike:  2008.
Doctor:  (concerned) Who is the President?
Mike:  (sad expression)  Barack Obama.

Barack Obama's Great European Adventure
05/25/11 - Examiner.com by Scott Paulson

[edited]:  Obama signed a guest book at the Westminster Abby in London, England. He dated his signature as 24 May 2008, when in fact the date was 24 May 2011.

The day was correct; the year was wrong. Have you ever known anyone to get the current year wrong, by three years? I have dated checks in January using the prior year, but never three years ago.

If your spouse or parent did that, would you laugh, or have them evaluated for stroke?

Possibly a physician could comment. If you are evaluating the orientation of a patient, and they report the wrong year, by three years, what does that usually mean?

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