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May 26, 2011

High Prices and Low Pay Are Good

Fred:  I can't find work, and I am barely getting by.
Alice:  Work is a rat race which literally burns resources. I am glad that you are now in accord with Gaia, rather than fighting her.

Why you should love $5 gas
05/25/11 - MSN Money  (Via Instapundit)

The above article has insights which demand to be applied to unemployment (smile).

- -

Stop grousing about having a lower-paid job or not having a job. Your unemployment could be good for you and good for America. Here are some benefits, and I'm not serious about any of them.

Fewer people will die on the road, including you. The less you drive, the more likely you will survive. Driving to work is the single biggest reason that people risk their lives in a car. Would you rather be poor or dead?

Demand for high-mileage cars could grow. As you become hungry and lean, you will consider driving much farther to hold a job. A high-mileage car will be your only choice, maybe subsidized by the government. If that is still uneconomic, you can move to the central city for a service job. Public transportation is not as bad as you remember it, and there is no car to park or shovel out in the winter.

Shorter airport security lines. Airline traffic will be down. You certainly won't be flying.

Less pollution and less congestion. You will be doing so much less with the little resources you must live on. This not only cuts your polution, but the polution and congestion not generated by not supplying you with all of those once-necessary conveniences you were buying. You will be surprised how little it will take for you to barely eke by.

Less work leads to more work. It will soon become clear that you are part of a large, vocal group. Entrepreneurs will be attracted to the large pool of unemployed. The government may catch on and lower the minimum wage, providing the opportunity for everyone to be employed again.

More exercise. Remember walking? Without a car you will become familiar with the sights and sounds of your local neighborhood as you walk yourself to health. Master the few blocks around your apartment, and take walks with your new roommates. A sharp eye and heightened "street smarts" will lower the chance of you getting mugged.

No more war. Wars cost money. You will have no money, so you won't support conflict with the same gusto that you used to have for adventure. Finding a cheap hamburger will be all the adventure you will need.

Local businesses could profit. Walking around will introduce you to local businesses. They will adapt by offering cheaper goods. A win-win.

It's all about Democracy. You voted for the caring, giving politicians (mostly Democrats) who have arranged for a more fair and just society. You have had a job for so long, let some others have a chance. Do you want jobs under the cruel supervision of selfish capitalists, or a more just distribution of wealth under caring politicians? We know your choice already, because you are not selfish, and you have already voted your heart. Keep the faith; don't backtrack now.

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