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Jul 16, 2011

The Memory of Idiots

Fred:  I haven't seen you in a while. How are things?
Mike:  (looks up information on tablet PC)  Yes, Fred! Pretty good. Let's meet later to talk. Or, you could just review my tweets.

Future News:

A team of researchers at Columbia University [ed. what were their names again?] has used a unique perspective on home environments to conclude that most of us were raised by idiots, and probably are idiots ourselves. They pose the serious question about whether democracy should be replaced in the US by a "Platonic board of thoughtful intellectuals from Columbia".

The Team looked at original materials from homes where the mother or father cooked regularly. In almost every instance, they found dog-eared cookbooks and collections of food-stained recipe notes. "These people referred repeatedly to favorite recipes as indicated by wear and staining on the papers. Their dependency is revealed, in that they must have had these materials directly in hand while cooking."

What could explain adults repeatedly referring to written descriptions of favorite recipes? They conclude that these people could hardly remember anything. They were idiots, who spread their idiocy to their children. The implications are tragic and enormous.

- -
Is the internet negatively impacting our memory?
07/15/11 - RiehlWorldView by Sissy Willis
Inspiration for my sarcastic post above.

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