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Jul 9, 2011

Police Academy

Reporter:  Tell me about the bank robbery.

Police Spokesman:  The incident may have involved removing something from the bank, possibly money, or something else valuable, maybe. We are investigating, so don't hold me to any of this. The situation is fluid and epistemology is difficult. Officially, I don't really know anything.

Via Dr. Grumpy

Fireworks Accident in North Fargo
InForum - 07/05/11

[edited]:  Hanson saw his neighbor set off a second round of a homemade or illegal artillery shell firework. Hanson heard a loud bang and saw a cloud of smoke. He walked to the scene and saw no head on his neighbor's body.

The police spokesman gave me a laugh.

[edited]:  At this point, we don’t know if he was struck or if the munition blew up, but it appears based on the information we got during our investigation that it was caused by the fireworks in some manner.

The victim’s injuries included massive head wounds from what appeared to be caused by a mortar type firework.

The police bureaucracy is guarded and uncertain about a simple, horrible incident. We have no hope when we give bureaucracies power over more complicated situations.

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