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Nov 25, 2009

Anti-Capitalist Policies Are Anti-Job

Anti-Capitalist Policies Are Anti-Job
11/25/09 - BigGovernment by Thomas Del Beccaro

[edited]  There is no secret to capitalism.
  • Some people save money for investment.
  • They start or grow businesses.
  • Businesses employ people.
  • Employed people have purchasing power to buy things.
  • Trade distributes value to buyers and profits to sellers.
  • Profits are partly saved for investment ...

The Left’s political policies destroy that simple and effective economic process. They impose taxes to reduce class differences and to raise revenue. Ironically, the opposite occurs in both areas.

Say it takes $500,000 from two partners to start a restaurant. High taxes take money from them and spread it to tens of thousands of people through government programs. The recipients don’t start businesses, and jobs are not created. Businesses that don't exist or grow also don't pay taxes or don't pay more taxes.

Increasing regulation has a similar effect, raising the cost of starting or expanding a business, reducing business activity, and killing jobs.

There are many other anti-capitalist policies of the Left, including Cap & Trade, the proposed Wall Street regulations, and skyrocketing deficits. All result in fewer businesses, jobs, and purchasing power, killing economic recovery.

Quip: Communist theorist Karl Marx revealed that business owners are leeches on society, draining away the wealth that rightfully belongs to the workers. At least, the ones who have jobs.

The Real Tax Burden
Jan 2009 - EasyOpinions by Andrew Garland

The real tax burden is what government spends, not just the deficit.

Public Tax Meeting
Sep 2008 - EasyOpinions by Andrew Garland

It isn't common knowledge just how much tax wealthy people already pay, and how much is wasted by increased government spending. Ironically, raising taxes on anyone will lower the production of the US, and so will lower the number of jobs.

An excerpt:

John JJ Richman was making breakfast when he heard the crowd outside. They seemed just shy of hostile. He opened his door to see about 65 townspeople, out of a town of 100. Two spokesmen were standing on the porch.

John: Good morning. Why are you all here?

Rob: There are things that need changing, and you are the one to help us.

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