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Nov 25, 2009

Biased Reporting

The Media has Always Been Biased
11/25/09 - ChicagoBoyz by Shannon Love

Shannon Love excerpts one of his favorite Bloom County comic strips:

Milo:  Senator? This is Milo Bloom at the Beacon. Will you confirm that you sunk Jimmy Hoffa in your backyard pond?

Sen. Bedfellow:  What? Of course not!

Milo:  Fine, I’ll go with ‘Sen. Bedfellow Denies That Pond Is Where He Sunk Hoffa.’

Sen. Bedfellow:  That’s not true!

Milo:  Okay. ‘Bedfellow Did Sink Hoffa in Pond.’

Sen. Bedfellow:  I don’t know where Hoffa is!!

Milo:  ‘I Lost The Body’ Says Bedfellow.

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