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Nov 30, 2009

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin's Governing Philosophy Emerges In "Going Rogue"
11/30/09 - Riehl World View

Palin in Wasilla - Resistance to insider assimilation
11/29/09 - Op-ed at the Appeal-Democrat

[edited] It seems Palin resisted influence peddling, even when this opposed her early political mentors. Her governing approach showed itself as mayor of Wasilla and stayed with her as Governor.
[edited] Palin showed her political independence to her patron Carney. Palin opposed Carney's plan to have residents pay for neighborhood trash pickup. Most hauled their garbage to the dump themselves, as Palin says she still does. This was important to Carney because he owned the local garbage truck company.
It seems that Palin is not anti-government, but wants government to provide critical services and programs while trimming out the fat.
[edited] Palin consistently opposed heavy-handed community planning initiatives and burdensome taxes during her terms on the council. She explains: I focused on what I believed to be the key functions of government: infrastructure development, fiscal responsibility, and simply being on the side of the people.

Palin haters spread the canard that she is an airhead, and clearly not capable of dealing with the intricacies of government. This chapter demonstrates the opposite.

Palin has a keen grasp of the details of governing and budgeting, and also understands the political difficulties making government responsive. Many of her antagonists at the national level scoffed at her experience in Wasilla. Quite the contrary, local government is where a public official has direct impact on the electorate. It is where you really have to understand what you're doing.

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