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Feb 27, 2009

The Hamas - Israel War

Mubarak is the Only One Who Got it Right
02/27/09 - AmericanThinker by Dan Gordon

President of Egypt, Hosni Mubarak:

[edited] Why did Hamas object to prolonging the cease fire? And why did they not heed our warnings that their positions constitute an open invitation for an Israeli assault? Was this planned and deliberate? For whose benefit?

The recent crisis is an attempt to exploit the Israeli aggression in order to impose a new reality on the Palestinian and Arab arena that will favor the agenda of Iran.

Dan Gordon:
[edited] The villages of the Gaza strip were crisscrossed with kidnapping and communication tunnels dug underneath the houses. Hamas militants could go unseen from house to house and carry out combat in a civilian environment, disappearing from one house, as it came under fire, to pop up in another.

They prepared this battlefield to launch rockets from civilian areas in order to draw in Israeli troops. They turned whole villages into booby trapped battlefields while the villagers were still in them. They hoped to kill two to three hundred Israeli soldiers and take prisoner as many as fifty.

They planned to maximize civilian casualties amongst their own people. Any action Israel took against Hamas fighters would become a war crime. Photos of innocent Palestinians killed in an Israeli onslaught would arouse public sympathy, to be translated into political pressure to effectuate a cease fire advantageous to Hamas. In that way, they could wear both the mantle of victimhood and victor.

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