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Feb 11, 2009

Survive Obama Care

How to Survive "Obama Care"
02/11/09 - MDOD by 911DOC
A doctor in emergency medicine gives some advice about healthcare as specified by Obama and the "stimulus" bill.
[edited] Buried in the "stimulus" package is a bit on health care. It's not making the news in the way it should. It is the equivalent of a bomb threat to American Medicine.

Rationed care is on the way, and the folks who do the rationing will be government 'lifers' who can not be fired and just don't care. So here you go, get to work on these things quickly before the powers that be start watching you closely.

1. Obtain a second social security number and identification card that makes you ten years younger. Keep it well hidden and once you crack 70 years old, or whatever the new cut-off for 'extraordinary care' will be, you will not be kicked to the curb to die quietly at home.

The $500 you spend for this now may save your life later. And if you doubt that this will happen, I have a family member who left the UK twenty years ago because they would not do bypass surgery on her based on her age. She got it here.

(Read 2-5 at the link)

I can not conceive of the rationale for pushing this type of plan. It has been tried and has failed in the UK and, as we have detailed on this site, Canada has good primary care, but for those who do not get their brain cancer or breast cancer at a convenient time Canadians may wait until they die for their free care. They come here. That will stop.

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