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Feb 6, 2009

Will You Bet On Your Opinion?

Will $100 Shut People Up?
02/06/09 - Crime & Federalism by Mike
[edited] When people state a stupid opinion or false fact, I no longer argue. I say, "OK - I'll bet you $100 that you are wrong."

People never take the bet. What's up with that? It's amazing how something as small as $100 can test a person's convictions. Amazingly, if you will not put $100 on the line, why should I believe you? People want me to change my mind based on their assertions; yet their assertions aren't even worth $100 to them!

How about people who demand that the government provide a stimulus to the economy. Perhaps Paul Krugman will say, "I'll wager $10,000 with any of my critics that if x-stimulus occurs, y-economic effect will follow."

Why aren't these economists making huge bets? They are rather confident in their opinions. They should go win that money! If they are embarrassed by greed, they can set up a charity as the beneficiary of the wager.

If someone wants to spend billions or trillions of taxpayer dollars, but won't offer up a few thousand of their own, then what should we think of him?

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