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Feb 10, 2009

Political Truth in Labeling

These are the only Republican senators supporting the stimulus bill. I am making a list and checking it twice.

Sen. Susan Collins - R. Maine   202-224-2523
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Sen. Olympia Snowe - R. Maine   202-224-5344
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Sen. Arlen Specter - R. Pennsylvania   202-224-4254
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They are not from my state of Massachusets; I can't vote for or against them.

I have allocated two $10 bills for each of them. When they come up for election, I will be giving $10 to their primary opponents, and if necessary, $10 to their Democratic opponents.

If they are going to waste our resources, raise my taxes, and decrease my liberty, by voting for a bill they haven't read, then I would rather have Democrats in their place, so that the responsibily for the coming difficulties is laid squarely on the philosophies that have caused them.

It is too difficult keeping philosophies straight when the Republican and Democrat labels are confused. This is my contribution to truth in labeling.

Climate bill clears House in close vote
06/26/09 - Washington Examiner by Lachlan Markay (via Riehl Worldview)

These Republican congressmen just voted for Cap and Trade legislation, a 1500 page bill that only a few in the Democratic leadership had read, and certainly none of these Republicans in name only. This bill taxes energy, the largest tax increase in US history.

Mary Bono Mack (CA)   202-225-5330
Mike Castle    (DE)   202-225-4165
Steven Kirk    (IL)   202-225-4835
Leonard Lance  (NJ)   202-225-5361
Frank LoBiondo (NJ)   202-225-6572
John McHugh    (NY)   202-225-4611
David Reichert (WA)   202-225-7761
Chris Smith    (NJ)   202-225-3765

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Throckmorton said...

I double your $10.

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