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Feb 16, 2009

Stimulus and Terpentine

The Stimulus Bill Smells of Turpentine
02/16/09 - AmericanThinker by Paul Shlichta

[edited] A farmer had a sick horse and wanted to call in a veterinarian. His neighbor said "You don't need no vet. Just feed him turpentine: two spoonfuls a day."

The farmer tried it, and the horse got sicker. The neighbor said, "You're not giving him enough; double the dose." The farmer followed the advice, increasing the dose several times, until the horse finally died. The neighbor drove by while the farmer was burying it. The neighbor hissed, "You didn't give him enough," and drove away.

The turpentine ploy provides politicians with a win-win situation. If their project succeeds, it's because of their brilliant leadership. If it fails, it was inadequately funded and needs more money.

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