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Nov 10, 2008

Children's Volunteer Community Service

11/10/2008 - Jenn comments at MichaelGraham.com   --> Source

I don't know about anyone else and where they live, but where I live we don't have money for bussing never mind an administrator to coordinate volunteer activities. I do have children in school and there is no community service requirement now. You have parents who are working two jobs to put food on the table and don't even have time to help with homework but now they will be required to transport their kids to additional commitments. This plan is unrealistic at best.

I think community service and volunteerism is integral to our society, but it should not be a requirement and the government should not be telling us what to do with our kids. They are our children. GO ahead and enourage community service, provide information resources to locate opportunities, but don't require it. I read Obama's plan and it was clear that his efforts are going to cost a lot of money - I think it said 3.5 billion. Still unclear where he is going to get that money. We will have to wait and see.

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