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Nov 5, 2008

Three Good Things About the 2008 Election

11/05/08 - Volokh.com by Randy Barnett   --> Source

[edited] Third good thing. John McCain will not be President of the United States. It is justice to deny the ultimate political reward to a politician who was so principally responsible for gutting freedom of political speech, and continuing the assault on the electoral process that was begun after Watergate.

Many of those who preferred McCain to Obama would agree that McCain would have done many of the same bad things as President that they fear Obama will do. When this happened, Republican opposition would have been divided and muted, and responsibility for the bad effects of these policies would have been shared by both parties.

The election of a Democratic President, Senate and House will place responsibility for the coming "change" squarely where it belongs. A whole generation of Americans have yet to experience the joys of one-party Democratic rule.

I want only the best for this country. I sincerely hope that this experience will be better than I expect it to be. But, if my expections come true, Americans will know who to blame in a way they would not if John McCain were President. There are many ways that this responsibility will be deflected or denied. The point is that this denial will be much more difficult than it would have been with John McCain as President.

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