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Nov 19, 2008

Priorities in Healthcare per Healthcare CEOs

11/19/08 - DrWes   --> Source

Dr. Wes comments on how to fix healthcare, as proposed by a board of healthcare CEO's and Sen. Max Baucus (D.VT). The difference between "should" "could", and reality. [edited]

Use the "bully pulpit" to fix obesity.
Nice. Tell people to stop being fat. I'm seeing an efficient use of doctor's time here, aren't you? And clearly this job is too difficult for the healthcare companies to take on themselves. Make this the focus of the surgeon general and be sure to increase the PR spin about obesity.
Tort Reform - use the vaccine model to reduce malpractice.
Best of luck. Remember, it's the lawyers who write the playbooks. [Vaccine producers stopped making vaccines because they were being sued out of business.]

Define and Measure Value - measure desirable outcomes for most common diseases

Look for more check lists and "quality measures" to be tracked.
Payment Reform - Reward preventative care and evidence-based care and no longer reimburse inappropriate, unnecessary, or wasted care.
Can you say more "Pay for Performance"? In other words, continue covert rationing efforts and care denials as well as renewed efforts to "discover" waste, fraud, and abuse in the system. [If we don't pay for it, they will go away. Did you follow the checklist? Did you do anything not on the checklist?]
Build the Health Care Workforce - Focus on primary care, increase registered nurses, nurse practitioners and allied health professionals, and doctors.
Oh, they almost forgot the doctors.

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