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Nov 1, 2008

What Do Obama's Statements Mean?

11/01/08 - Roger L. Simon   --> Source
Via InstaPundit

A commentor reviews Barack Obama.

  • Massive voter registration fraud, massive campaign financing with serious and dangerous circumvention of safeguards?
  • Repeated, consistent and haunting connections with some of the most virulent haters of America;
  • attacks on salt of the earth small town folks and “flyover country” residents; an even more frontal assault on the Constitution;
  • a “spread the wealth” economic distribution plan;
  • an open suggestion that a “fairness doctrine” be imposed to shut down talk radio and possibly other dissenters;
  • an outline to drastically curtail the military budget and reduce our ability to defend against foreign enemies;
  • replacing that role instead with a “private civilian army” not constrained by oversight of the military, reporting directly to the civilian Commander?
    (and more..)

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