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Nov 9, 2008

Monty Python: Mr. Creosote

Monty Python: Mr. Creosote
11/09/08 - YouTube

And now for something completely different

This was a signature line in the TV productions of Monty Python's Flying Circus, a revolutionary British comedy group formed around 1970. John Cleese of that group is often on TV today in commercials and movies. Their skits are odd and hillarious.

This video clip is an amazingly funny and disgusting part of the Monty Python movie "The Meaning of Life", about a huge, vile man Mr. Creosote eating an impossibly large dinner, followed by a "wafer thin mint". Explosively funny. You have been warned.

The Radiology of Competitive Speed Eating
11/09/08 - NotTotallyRad

How do they eat so much? X-rays show how one competitive eater puts all that food away.

A kitten hides in a couch

You might want to see a cute kitten to recover from the two posts above. At YouTube.

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