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Nov 5, 2008

Why McCain Lost

11/05/08 American Thinker by Jewish Odysseus   --> Source

[edited] John McCain is really a Reagan Democrat. He joined the Republican Party in Arizona years ago because people like him (patriotic, military background, self-consciously anti-Communist) had no future in the Democratic Party, and he remained a Republican since then

McCain's uber-rationale was this: America wanted a moderate leader who would seek out support from the other side, a task which in theory should have been made much easier if the Democrats nominated a far-left candidate.

He repeatedly positioned himself as "the anti-Republican Republican." And now we wonder why he had trouble making Republican arguments while running as a Republican?

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So how did McCain use his last 4 weeks, 3 debates, and 4.5 hours on national TV face-to-face with Obama? He never mentioned:

  • Obama's "bitter clingers" comment
  • Jeremiah Wright's incendiary sermons.
  • Obama breaking his word to use public campaign financing. This was a McCain signature issue on which he had relentlessly beat up fellow Republicans!
  • Obama's plan to "bankrupt" the US coal industry. (and where was McCain's research staff on that San Francisco interview, which had been posted on the internet for 9 months before they noticed it?! Simply inexcusable.)
  • Obama's "price of arugula" comment, a nice populist dig waiting to be made.
  • The Clinton campaign's many tough arguments against Obama -- he could have just quoted Hillary!

That was McCain's (and our) downfall: You can't bring moderation to an ideology fight. An honorable, sincere moderate who is behind really hasn't a chance against a cynical ideologue who is ahead. Obama simply dissembled at the debates, while McCain's tongue-tied references to Ayers, ACORN, Khalidi, "most liberal senator," etc., sounded unfairly abrupt, even desperate.

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